The Queen Anne's County Education Partnership is a volunteer-run organization with the mission to provide Queen Anne's County Public School teachers with supplies that will benefit their classrooms.  Each year, teachers receive a small amount (about $100) to fund classroom needs. When polled, teachers responded that they spend hundreds of dollars of their own money for their students every year.  Teachers should not have to share Amazon wish lists or make such large purchases on their own. Click on the "Help a classroom now" tab to see some examples of what teachers are requesting. Businesses and community members can make a general donation by clicking the "donate now" button. 

"Engineers make bridges. Artists make paintings. Scientists make rockets. But teachers make them all."


Partnering with QACPS 

The Queen Anne's County Education Partnership has an agreement with Queen Anne's County Public School system and is in compliance with all gift and donation-giving policies. All purchased items meet curriculum, safety and technology requirements of the school system. Items purchased also become property of the school system. On a rolling basis, teachers may submit grant proposals to apply for funding. A diverse volunteer group scores applications and awards grants based on current funds to as many teachers as possible. Eligible projects are academic and aligned with current county curriculum. Throughout the school year, requests for specific classroom items can be found in the "Help a classroom now" tab. Additionally, tracking requests and purchases will assist the county in any necessary budget requests or adjustments in upcoming years. 

QACEP also applies for corporate grants to boost funds. See our Major Donors tab to recognize major contributors.